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.. to the Affiliate Network Marketing Site. Here, we will help you setup/built a Marketing Network Site with the resources available to you. Affiliate marketing is one of the driving forces behind e-commerce. In theory, it allows for various parties on the internet to profit from it in some way. Also, it encourages more people to get involved in the world of e-commerce, because starting and maintaining a business centered on affiliate marketing isn't necessarily costly; though, doing it does require a substantial investment of time and/or money to be seen as an expert in your niche which is essential to maintain traffic and sales as an affiliate.

While this type of marketing program can benefit the end consumer, the question is whether or not it really does. The jury is still out on this one and likely will be for some time. The big problem is that it does benefit the consumer, but only in some situations. In other situations the consumer is actually hurt, in however small of a way.

What is Affiliate? What affiliate marketing does is allow third party companies to act as middlemen between another company's product or service and its potential customers. They do this by advertising on behalf of that company's product by directly or indirectly pushing it on their own website. In exchange they receive a commission or flat fee for any transaction made. Be an affiliate. Oftentimes they will be paid out even when no transaction is completed. This usually happens when you are involved in CPA marketing.

First let's look at how this helps the consumer. It does so by providing more ways for people to discover products and services that are relevant to their needs and wants. If they visit a website to get information on a specific topic for instance, that website may suggest a book they were previously unaware of. The person can then visit the page where the book is being offered for sale and choose to buy it.

In that example the consumer was helped. They had a problem, which was the need for information. They visited a website for information and along with it they got a book to help them even more.

Another example would have a person visiting a website because they wanted to use the site's service. The service may be a forum, a social network, a gambling site, or pretty much anything else. They will then be offered links to products associated with that service. In the gambling example they will likely see links to poker accessories that they can order online. Again, this can easily be seen as a benefit as it brings the e-commerce world closer together.

The downside to this though is that there is so much money available to be made from affiliate marketing, that it's becoming an overly saturated field. This means thousands or even millions of web pages are competing for visitors solely in the hopes of getting those visitors to follow a link that will make the web page money.

The result is that it can actually be harder for consumers to find what they are really looking for because their internet searches are being steered towards pages that don't actually offer any benefits at all. The person wanting information, as in the first example, won't get it as easily because so many pages aren't truly a valid source for information at all and only serve to confuse and frustrate the consumer usually into not buying the product they were looking for.

Does this downside outweigh the upside for consumers? Opinions will differ that's for sure.

Which way will things lead in the future? Only time will tell.

To be truly effective today in affiliate marketing it is a very wise choice to opt for a Wordpress blog and create as much relevant content on that site as you can, making you the leading authority on the subject. This has two main benefits it will give your consumers the trust factor and the search engines will look on your site more favorably in the rankings. Once these two elements come together the traffic will come and the money will flow. You can also use google adwords to help boost traffic and google adsense as part of your marketing. When you use Google Ad Words, be sure to use the Google Analytics to help track your traffic. These can be found under your Google Account.

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Two Tier Affiliates Market

Now that your affiliate marketing is growing and you have built a website that works you now need to look at two tier affiliate marketing as your next step in creating a residual income stream for your online business.

By getting involved in programs that offer two-tier affiliate commissions you are going to be making more money, it might seem a little confusing to you right now but if you give me a minute I will explain how easy it can be.

This Is How Two-Tier Affiliate Marketing Works.

You are still going to be promoting that product no different than you have before but this time the purchaser of that product will also have an option to join the affiliate program if that happens they will then be known to you as a sub affiliate which is what two tier affiliates are in basic terms. So that now if they are also promoting the same product, service or program that they purchased through you initial affiliate link you are also now receiving a percentage of any sales that they may make.

Yes you are reading this right every time your second tier affiliate makes a sale you are going to get paid, and better still if you are involved in a program that allows even more levels like your affiliate (sub affiliate) signs up more people you can be paid for those sales as well. Two-tier affiliate programs pay you for recruiting and showing people how to make affiliate sales. You get paid whenever the affiliates underneath you sells a product or service. So of these programs only require you to refer clients such is the case of Ken Evoy' Site Sell which is probably the most trusted program online with many of his affiliates generating $10,000 a month for two tier marketing.

Two tier affiliate marketing systems provide the opportunity for even more rapid growth of markets through secondary recruitment of affiliates.

What Are The Benefits Of Two Tier Affiliates For The Merchant?

Two-tier affiliate marketing can significantly improve the online business of the product vendor or service provider. They not only receive additional website traffic but also gain the benefit from added sales. Two-tier is an exciting proposition for affiliates as it allows you to truly build a passive income online where as, affiliates are permitted to sign-up other affiliates below them.

Is Two Tier Affiliate Marketing Legal?

I know it might sound to good to be true but this is the real deal you are not breaking the law when it comes to this form of affiliate marketing. As long as the products and services you are promoting a legitimate, and NO this is not considered to be (MLM) multi-level marketing it is a completely different concept just look at the SiteSell concept and you will understand.

It might look the same to you right now but I assure you it is not you are selling good quality products through reputable vendors and all you are actually doing is recruiting affiliates fro them and being paid for it. This in effect takes the difficult job away of finding affiliates to promote their products or services.

So How Much Can I Make Referring Other Affiliates

We actually and depending on the two-tier program you get involved with there is actually no limit to the amount of money that you can generate from doing this. It is totally up to you in how many sub affiliates you recruit and how well they do and you of course as to how much money you will make.

Here are some tips to help you find the right two tier programs to join...

A Quality Product Or Service

A Good Rate Of Commission

And Importantly A Good Conversion Rate On The Site You Are Promoting

Having these three elements in your second tier program can potentially do this for you online business.. And that is your customers are yours for the life of the program and any other products they buy you will also receive a commission.

At the end of the day you as an affiliate marketer need a solid platform that will generate income for you without to much maintenance and your time, using two-tier affiliate marketing is a fantastic vehicle to help you achieve these goals. You can join the SiteSell Affiliate Program Here

How Does Lifetime Commissions Sound To You?

One of the very best programs that I have found for a two-tier program would have to be SiteSell which was created by Ken Evoy who has launched products such as Site Build It, Make Your Site Sell, Google Adsense and Make Knowledge Sell these products especially Site Build It are very popular and have been around for many years so Ken is trusted and so are his products.

The features of the two tier affiliate program are firstly, LIFE TIME COMMISSIONS of future products and of course the two tier commission structure and the amount of affiliates you can personally have under you.

I have tried many programs in the last five years that make big promises but never deliver however the team at SiteSell actually over deliver in everything they do so the best thing to do is sell the actual products and the sub affiliates will follow.

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